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International Journal Experts (Injex) translation and authoring services has been launched with the aim of assisting researchers and authors who intend to write, edit and wish to publish their articles, books, dissertations and other scientific works in international publications. Our services include Academic Translation, Language Editing, Scientific Review and Editing of articles, Formatting (Adjusting Page settings, Tables, Images, Fonts, Space, etc.), Professional Presentation, Infographic Illustrations, Journal Recommendation and Consulting, Proposal/ Thesis / Article preparation, Data Analysis (Qualitative and Quantitative) and other required services for writing, presenting, disseminating and publishing scientific and research works.
Besides the above mentioned services, specialized advice and training hints on paper presentation, techniques for developing and defending master's and doctoral proposals/ dissertations, scientific and technical assistance in developing different thesis chapters, extracting articles from dissertations/thesis, consultation and induction on know-hows of Paper Submission and Acceptance, publishing articles in prestigious domestic and foreign journals suitable for your field are provided by our professional Injex team.

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